• Kalua Pork bowl

    Kalua Pork Bowl

    The flavors of the islands all together in one bowl. Sounds like paradise. My new favorite dinner is when I come up with different kinds of bowls. I have picky eaters and whenever I come up with a dinner that they can add or take away whatever they want, it’s a win. The base of this bowl is rice, our family likes white rice. So that’s what we used. I think another yummy base would be ramen noodles. That is always a win, win in our family. Next you will add the kalua pork. The word “kalua” means “to cook in an underground oven”. Since that isn’t exactly possible in…

  • Sides

    Bacon Mac and Cheese

    What’s better than having a creamy side of Mac and cheese when eating a smoky, salty piece of brisket. You are right nothing, unless you add in some bacon. I am always up for barbecue. I love finding new and great places to eat where I can get an amazing brisket sandwich or pulled pork. When there I usually add a Mac and cheese for a side. I love the creamy cheese with the salty meat. So when Ryan got a smoker, I knew I would need to up my BBQ side dish game. I can’t rely on potato chips and baked beans from a can. Because when you smoke…

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  • fresh and easy tropical slaw
    Salads,  Sides

    Fresh and Easy Tropical Slaw

    This is a great addition to any Hawaiian meal. Which is usually heavy in pork, chicken and rice. Tropical Slaw brings a great fresh taste to any meal. I love Hawaiian food. I have mentioned that quite a lot. I never really had it growing up, but when I married into my Hawaiian loving family my eyes were open. So when I found this amazing Fresh and Easy Tropical Slaw I knew I would love it. My mother in law makes an amazing Kalua Pork which she has given me the recipe for and I love. I found a great teriyaki chicken recipe. Then of course I love to serve…

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  • Who I Cook For

    Who I Cook For . . . The Coolest Couple Mark and Jamie

    Who I Cook For . . . this couple knows how to have fun! Whether we are playing games until late, seeing the latest Marvel movie, or eating at a great restaurant. These two know how to have fun! I met Mark and Jamie at church. They seemed like a cool couple, probably too cool for me. As we would be involved in church activities I got to know them a little better. Our friendship was solidified when they introduced us to what they called “nerd games”, the first one was 7 Wonders We fell in love with them and this game. I love how competitive we all get! Nothing…

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  • Hawaiian Teriyaki chicken

    Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

    What’s For Dinner: These juicy teriyaki chicken thighs are just like what you would get from a road side food truck in Hawaii. I have a crazy love for Hawaiian food. I am always in search of great recipes that you can find in the islands. I love that Hawaiian food usually is made to serve a small army. Since I love feeding small armies. I especially love teriyaki chicken. I have tried many different teriyaki chicken recipes and this one is by far the best. I found it on a blog years ago, and I don’t even remember what it was called. The blogger’s husband was Hawaiian and shared…

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  • El Mexsal Provo Mexican food
    Places to Eat

    Best Lunch Place to Try El Mexsal

    This hidden gem, El Mexsal, found in South Provo is a favorite lunch place. It serves Mexican and El Salvadorian dishes. Whenever I get a call from my husband around 11:30 and say let’s go to lunch I always know he needs a little break from being at work and where he wants to go. El Mexsal. This little restaurant is sandwiched between a laundromat and a Mexican bakery in South Provo. We were introduced to El Mexsal a while ago, my father in law loves to find a great lunch deal and El Mexsal is just that. For $6.52 you get chips and salsa, an entree and a drink.…

  • Easy Sunday Pot Roast

    Easy Sunday Pot Roast

    What’s For Dinner: What’s more Sunday dinner than pot roast? This yummy pot roast dinner is so easy it will help you have a nice relaxing Sunday. I have great memories of Sunday dinner growing up. My mom would always make a nice big dinner and we would all sit around the table and just talk and laugh and eat. I also loved eating Sunday dinner when we would go visit our grandma in Idaho. She would always make a great big dinner. I loved the smells and how she would set the table so nice. She was a great cook and I loved eating with her. We try to…

  • pork chops and applesauce

    Herb-Crusted Baked Pork Chops and Applesauce

    What’s For Dinner: I love the combination of pork chops and applesauce. This meal is a healthy dinner option. I am trying to eat healthy. Trying is the word!! It’s super hard. There are so many good foods in the world that have carbs and sugar. So I have to find a balance. I hate to find a balance of healthy eating and eating yummy foods. Whatever, first world problems. I have done a couple of different kind of pork chops and I love the thin cut pork chops. We love to grill them and then top them off with applesauce. This recipe has you bread the pork chops. We…

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  • Who I Cook For

    Who I Cook For . . . my talented sister Kim.

    Who I Cook For . . . my talented sister Kim who is an incredible mom of 4 kids and can paint, draw, and create anything. My baby sister!! I have three younger sisters, I have shared about Katie, and Amy now its Kim’s turn. Kim is the youngest of the four girls. Unfortunately she is also the sister we still treat like the youngest of four girls. Even though Kim is married and has 4 kids of her own, we usually still see her as the baby. We often joke that she still has to eat at the kids table, and I can’t believe she is actually 30. Well…

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  • Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    What’s For Dinner: Do you have leftover baked potatoes or need an easy dinner that is filling? Loaded Baked Potato soup is perfect for you. I guess I am kind of in a soup phase right now. It’s so stinking cold outside and I am always feeling lazy when it’s time to cook dinner. Which is weird since most days I am just laying around anyways. Lazy days for me equal soup I guess. I think the other reason I like soup is that most times my kids will eat it. If I ever need to throw in some veggies to get nutrients in soup is the way to do…

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